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Unlike other inventory-only solutions, Easy Inventory’s proposal is to provide an extremely easy, automatic, fast, low-cost TI asset management service that is accessible to all sizes of business without the need of specialists and without investments in infrastructure !!!

Meet Easy Inventory in 1 minute
All information is sent to a Cloud server, making it available immediately on a customized site for querying and managing your assets.

How does it work?

Through a resident agent, Easy Inventory automatically collects the hardware and software data of the equipment, which is sent to a server in the Cloud and immediately available in a customized site for queries and management of its assets.

Allows you to view details of installed hardware and software licenses. Conduct performance analysis, create administrative fields to complement the data collected, and record all desired peripherals.

Geolocation – Windows environment (Notebooks, desktops and servers)

Through proprietary know-how, all equipment will have its physical location registered, to be consulted via Google Maps.
It will be available for consultation all Geolocalizations of the last 6 months !!
All data can be exported to Excel.
It will also be possible to define Electronic Fences by limiting the area of use of each equipment, if the equipment exceeds the predefined limits an alarm (via email) will be sent to the Administrator of the environment.

Geolocation – Android environment (Smartphones and Tablets)

All Mobiles will be tracked permanently, our records will show the last 6 months. One or more Electronic Fences may be defined to control the perimeter of use of the equipment and who uses them.
Through Google Maps will be shown graphically the entire route and the kilometers traveled.
Ideal resource for those who have external professionals (field technicians, commercials, representatives, delivery agents, etc.).

Performance analysis

Performance analysis of all equipment will be performed.
To complete it will be shown the root cause of the possible slowness of the equipment, that is to say, all the processes (softwares) that are causing this excess of consumption of CPU and memory will be identified.

Capacity Planning

Through detailed graphs, Capacity Planning will be shown, pointing to the trend of utilization of CPU, memory and disk of all equipment, based on the usage history of the last 6 months, allowing a proactive management of your environment.

Review for Mobiles

It will show CPU, memory and disk consumption as well as data traffic, separating the data that uses your Internet account and WI-FI.

It will also show the Apps that consume more data, as well as its last use, facilitating the deletion of the Apps that are not used.

All incoming and outgoing calls will be logged, so you can know the minutes spent per day, week and months !!! of each Mobile and of every company.

Control of software licenses

(Software Asset Management – SAM)

We point out the use of licenses identifying irregular and purchased and unused licenses.
You can track the expiration and costs of all licenses.

It is possible to identify the installed and unused licenses (Sw Metering), allowing the relocation
or uninstallation optimizing costs.

Unauthorized software and Apps will be identified by optimizing and improving users’ productivity.

Fundamental information, mainly in terms of security and which would take a long time to obtain by normal means.

Active Directory Microsoft

In order to allow effective administration, all Microsoft AD records will be accessed and will be shown:

– Status: active, inactive, blocked and disabled

– Domain

– Login name

– If you have Administrator permission

– Last acess

– Last change of password

– Password expiration date

Automatic Alerts

Automatic alerts will be configured so warnings will be sent as soon as critical changes occur, such as: changes to hw, installation or removal of sw, limits of the electronic fence, slow equipment, expiration of warranties, installation of software or Prohibited Apps.


  • Accurately inventory hardware and software data in seconds;
  • Controls all installed software licenses pointing to irregular ones;
  • Controls the performance of the equipment, pointing out the CPU, memory and disk consumption;
  • Controls the theft of equipment or components;
  • Allows remote deletion of data;
  • Controls the equipment warranty time;
  • It has several predefined reports / graphs and enables the generation of customized reports / graphs;
  • Allows you to upload PDF and JPG files to leave recorded and stored all the documents that are part of the life of the IT Assets;
  • Allows the unlimited cataloging of administrative fields (eg Department, Cost Center, Fixed Assets, Invoice Number, Purchase Date)
  • Allows unlimited cataloging of peripherals Ex: printers, scanners, routers, switches …
  • Does traceability showing paths made and kilometers traveled;
  • For Smartphones it registers all incoming and outgoing calls (in minutes);
  • Automatic alerts can be configured so that the Manager will always know that a change in the environment has occurred.

  • ZERO investment in infrastructure and specialized technicians;
  • Cloud service, accessible from anywhere, anytime;
  • Immediate implementation;
  • The client only needs to install an Agent on each contracted equipment;
  • The interface, extremely easy, does not require qualified professionals;
  • The service charge will be made according to the amount of equipment contracted;
  • Tolerance of use of 10% over the contract without additional cost;
  • low cost;

  • Environments: Windows, Linux, iOS (iPhone / iPad), Mac OS and Android (Tablets and Smartphones);
  • Agent “light” and generating extremely low CPU consumption and data traffic (20 kb !!);
  • Reports and graphs via Web;
  • Multi-company;
  • Geolocation and traceability of all equipment;
  • Permanent performance analysis (CPU, memory and disk);
  • For Smartphones: calls made and received (minutes);
  • Uploads PDF and JPG files to document all equipment;
  • Electronic fence;
  • Exports data (Excel);
  • Versions in Portuguese, English and Spanish;
  • 24 x 7 available environment;

Easy Inventory is the best answer to your company’s key issues …

  • How many equipment are in operation?
  • How many are in stock or in maintenance?
  • Where are the equipment physically (Geolocation)?
  • Where have you been in the last 6 months (tracking)?
  • Did they leave the defined perimeter (electronic fence)?
  • How is the performance of all the equipment? Which are slower? What is causing slowness?
  • What processes (software) consume resources (CPU and memory) throughout my company?
  • Which Apps consume more features on Tablets / Smartphones?
  • How many calls were made? How many minutes have been spent?
  • How are software licenses (irregular or over-bought)?
  • Which software is installed and not being used?
  • Which hardware or software was installed or uninstalled WITHOUT authorization?
  • Where are the documents (NF, term of responsibility, etc …) of the equipment?
  • How are the warranty periods for equipment and software licenses?
  • How can I have all this without the need for infrastructure and technical expertise and low cost?

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